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Nowadays, the company’s online presence is mandatory and positioning is the best method for online marketing. A well-prepared website determines a company’s brand and is used for its online marketing. Websites appearing high in google searches gain more customers which translates into their sales and financial condition.

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Preparation of a website is very often one of the first things that entrepreneurs do. Sometimes the website is ready before starting a business to check the potential interest in the company’s products or services.


The cost of building a website

Websites are as different in quality and price as any other service. Large websites for powerful companies can cost hundreds of thousands of zlotys, and small pages of business cards start from as little as 500 zlotys. Our advisors will suggest to you the choice of a company that will provide you with a website tailored to your needs and financial capabilities. We cooperate with a very wide range of companies involved in the preparation of websites.


Indexation in search engines

A well-prepared website is also one that is designed to be easily indexed by google, bing, yahoo and other search engines. The relevant content on the site will have an influence on where it will appear under the selected search phrases. The right amount of text in relation to the code, domain name, header titles and articles on the page are very important here.

Office247 - positioning


A website can be positioned by building backlinks and thematic articles. The google search engine understands the content of the website very well and organizes it according to its usefulness for the recipients. The quality of backlinks and articles that are under them is very important and has a decisive influence on the position on google.

Our consultants have worked with numerous SEO agencies and are able to advise you on which is the best choice for your company in terms of both financial knowledge and industry knowledge and ready network facilities. A well-positioned website can immediately turn into increased sales and enable you to make a rapid appearance on the Internet.

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