Virtual Office (E-Office)

A virtual office is a combination of a set of services that allows you to run your business without having to rent a bureau. It consists of a registration address, mailing address and other addresses that we consider important to our company. Having a virtual office brings many benefits. For this reason, more and more entrepreneurs decide to run their business in such a way.


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Benefits of e-Office

Registration address allows you to register your business at a selected address. This has a number of legal consequences for the company. First of all, the city of registration of the company becomes its seat. Secondly, we are subordinate to a selected tax bureau so that we have the possibility of paying taxes in the chosen location. Thirdly, we can do business without the need to provide our home address. Fourthly, if we travel frequently, the incoming mail is sent to the address chosen by us or scanned and sent to e-mail.

Our advisors will help you choose the right virtual office for you so that you have a good start in the business world. We have contacts throughout Poland to enable you to choose the best location at the most affordable price. We will tailor it to your business profile with your future development and needs in mind.


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