Training and coaching rooms

Training and coaching rooms are a popular way of working for people in need of meeting one in one with their client. Many companies successfully use them to conduct recruitment and job interviews. Hourly offices have also become popular among coaches, psychologists and psychiatrists.

If you need to recruit staff in another city, hiring such a cabinet will allow you to quickly organize such a project. The opportunity to talk to each of the candidates in private allows you to make the right decision.

Office247 - Training Offices

Silence and peace

A silent and secluded place allows you to hold a meeting in a pleasant atmosphere. Many people have previously held such meetings in restaurants or cafés. The problem was usually the lack of peace and quiet, the need to order food and the lack of infrastructures such as a board or the Internet. In the case of a training office, all this is already on the spot and you don’t have to worry about anything else. In addition, very often these offices are located in coworking offices where you can use the kitchen and prepare coffee or tea for your client.


Office247 - Coaching Cabinet

Coworking offices

Private meeting rooms are often offered by coworking offices as a complement to their offer. A meeting room is more expensive than renting a desk, but at the same time, it offers more opportunities. It is private and you can be sure that no one will interfere with us when we have an important meeting with a client.

On our website, we have an extensive list of coworking offices. Many of these locations are available. This allows you to quickly organize a meeting in any city depending on your needs. Don’t wait just call now.


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