Telephone operation

Company phone service can be converted into a well-functioning marketing and sales tool. Very often the first contact with the company is telephone contact. A phone is also one of the best tools to learn more about the company. If you can’t afford a dedicated employee to service your company, and you don’t have time to answer every phone, think about hiring a phone service.

Shared telephone infrastructure

Office247 - Telephone support

This service is part of the shared call center. Call center employees have dedicated phone numbers so as to know which customer the caller is trying to reach. While answering the phone they can present basic information about the assortment and services. The first contact can inform you of the nearest office or branch of your company.



Telephone office service is very cheap in relation to a dedicated employee and can be dispensed with very quickly thanks to which it is flexible. If the number of phones increases, it is very easy to assign another employee to the telephone service to ensure that there are no bottlenecks on the line. This will be done by an external company, which will recruit employees and train them so that they know your products and services.

The telephone office can actively market in its free time. This is a very good solution to attract new customers. Telemarketing is still one of the most effective solutions for selling certain products or services. If your service is virtual and there is no need to meet the customer, and its implementation can be completely remote – think about hiring a telephone service.


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