Scanning and mail handling

Inbound and outbound mail service is associated with the mailing address service. It guarantees to the State that all official documents will be collected. Some virtual offices also offer an electronic system of scanned documents and notification by e-mail or SMS.

We will help you choose the virtual office that will offer you the best conditions. Remember that with the growth of your company you will receive an increased amount of mail, which may change the cost of such a service. Be prepared to avoid having to change your address and the company offering mail handling.

Office247 - Mail handling

The mail service also involves the possibility of obtaining a prestigious address and streamlining the process of sending correspondence. Central Receiving and shipping can generate operational efficiencies that will translate into the speed of your business.

We work with offices all over Poland so that we can enable you to choose the right offer tailored to your needs and configure the service to reduce its costs.

Correspondence can be sent immediately upon receipt, on a daily basis, weekly or in other configurations depending on your needs. If you want to access online scans based on an integrated system, we will advise you which office has the best value for money.


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