Privacy policy

Office247 - Privacy Policy

  1. Ambassadors Marek sp. z o. o. is hereinafter referred to as the data processor.
  2. The physical or legal person to whom the personal data relate is hereinafter referred to as the data subject.
  3. Email address is hereafter called contact address.
  4. Personal data processor obtains it for the purpose of doing business and providing consultancy services.
  5. Data processor processes personal data – in particular name, telephone number, email address and potential interest in advisory services.
  6. Personal data is obtained by telephone or e-mail contact.
  7. Personal data are stored on a database accessible only to the data processor.
  8. Personal data are not shared with third parties without the express consent of the natural or legal person.
  9. Personal data are processed for sales and marketing purposes.
  10. The interested party may contact the processor by e-mail at the contact address.
  11. The data subject may request the processor to delete or modify personal data. He/she may do so by sending a request to the contact address.

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