Payments Visa and MasterCard

Accept different types of payments.

If for some reason you care about the specific way of settling accounts between us and our customers, we are very flexible in this regard.

Office247 - Visa Payments

We accept traditional bank payments from all Polish banks and credit card transactions Visa and Mastercard.

Visa and Mastercard are the main payment organizations in Poland and have the ability to offer services more than money transfer. Visa offers the Verified by Visa payment system and the Visa Wave. contactless payment system.

Office247 - MasterCard flatness

The same is true for MasterCard, which enables contactless PayPass payments and offers MasterCard’s loyalty system rewards.

A situation may, however, be different from foreign companies that have obtained payment cards in other countries. If someone has obtained a payment card in a country outside the EU, there may sometimes be problems with outgoing transactions from foreign accounts. There are many rules and regulations that apply. In such case, it is wise to consult them with professionals in this field.

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