Office rental

Office rental – Every company at some point comes to the point where a coworking office is too small for it – then only the rental of the office remains. Of course, this is very good news for every company because it means its growth. At the same time, it involves moving to your own office or to one that is rented on standard terms. Most rental contracts are for a longer period of time. The decision to rent has an impact on the company’s continued operation.

Office247 - Office rental


Not every company needs an office in the city center in the most prestigious location. Not every company also needs to think about an office in the suburbs in order to reduce rental costs as much as possible. This depends on the type of business and assumed directions of development. If the company is a dynamic startup that doesn’t know how many people will be hiring in half a year’s time.

Our advisers will help you to contact the relevant office rental companies. We have extensive contacts in this area and we know which office has the right offer for companies depending on their business profile. We also know how rental prices have evolved over time and who has the best accommodation options for your company.

Office247 - Office rental


We have witnessed many cases of development of companies based on this model. In our opinion, this way of organizing work works because it is economically efficient. Access to the infrastructure is shared among all those working in the office. Most of them work for separate companies or are freelancers. The benefits of such a solution are mutual and create a convergence effect. There are many locations in different towns and sometimes you have to be quick to get one. Rely on us and our experience.

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