Office for hours

Office for hours is a great solution for freelancers. People who rent an office for hours value the flexibility of this service very much. If the location of the office is in the center or near the offices that are needed to run the business, the better. The way the workplace is organized and the location of employees has changed a lot over time. Frequent travel and the need to visit customers result in a demand for premises in different cities. If your company is not large enough to open a representative office, this is the solution for you.

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Innovation through flexibility

Office for hours is an innovative approach to how to understand your workplace or space for employees. Renting an office for employees is expensive and involves a commitment for a certain period of time. If we are not sure that we will have the same need for workspace and a stable number of employees, it may not be profitable for us. For this reason, many companies choose to rent a desk for hours. Some employees can do their work remotely and do not need a separate office for them.


Use strategy

If your company is starting to grow in a regional way and you need new offices all over the country, hourly office rental is the perfect solution. Initially, the sales department can be located in a room rented within the coworking space. The marketing department does not need a dedicated office because most of the issues are handled by them via the Internet and by phone. It is very convenient for everyone and enables easy construction of the organization in the new location. When the number of employees is large enough, you can rent a dedicated office.

Office247 - Office per hour


We have witnessed many cases of development of companies based on this model. In our opinion, this way of organizing work works because it is economically efficient. Access to the infrastructure is shared among all those working in the office. Most of them work for separate companies or are freelancers. The benefits of such a solution are mutual and create a convergence effect.


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