Office247 – address for the company, virtual office, and coworking.

Business address and Virtual Office for as little as PLN 55 a month – call us and find out more!

We offer assistance in the selection of forms of legal activity, accounting, virtual office, and property rental. We help young companies choose the best service providers needed to run a business.

Gotowe Spółki – We have a very rich offer of ready-made companies from all over the world!.

If you’ve been running a business for a while or if you’re considering setting up a startup in the technology industry, you can use our knowledge and your potential to build a dynamic business.

We will help you choose the location best suited to your business profile. A prestigious address and head office is important in terms of marketing and building your company’s credibility. If you need immediate access to secretarial services, we will advise you which office is best suited to your needs.

Company address, virtual office, coworking

Outsourcing services is a very popular way to reduce costs and save time. On the Polish market, there are many entities providing a wide range of services in this area. The offer is very wide and a person without experience and appropriate knowledge can choose a set of services tailored to their needs or at too high a price. Did you know that some companies offer virtual office and accounting from as little as 0 PLN.

With our experience, you will receive a cost optimization service such as ZUS and insurance. We will help you choose the bank account which will match your profile in terms of costs and additional services. If you want to obtain additional funding for your business, our advisors will help you to obtain a loan or grant from the EU.

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