A company that processes personal data is required by law to register such a dataset with the GIODO. This process can be time-consuming and complicated for people who do not know the regulations and have not done so before. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in financial penalties for the entrepreneur. In most cases, in order to avoid such unpleasantness it is enough to simply implement and prepare documentation. An experienced consultant can prepare documentation for a small company in less than a week.

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We work with a large number of consulting companies that can help you meet the requirements of the law. We know which company will provide you with the best service in your city. In case you operate in many locations, we will help you to organize such a service throughout Poland. The universality of the obligation to implement personal data protection systems and based the economy on information technologies makes it necessary to apply this type of solutions.


Our consultants have also participated in such implementations themselves and are able to answer some of your questions in order to give you an initial insight into the matter. This procedure is not difficult for someone who has already dealt with it before and is very fast.

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