Founding and selling companies

Purchase of a ready-made company can simplify everything and bring additional benefits.

The Got company has full documentation and is now available. It also has a credit history and the date of incorporation shown in the National Court Register. It is free of liabilities and in some cases, it also has losses that can be taken into account when settling CIT.

When you buy a ready-made company within 2 hours you get the number KRS (National Court Register), NIP (Tax Identification Number), REGON (number in the National Economy Register). These are the elements that are needed to start a business.


Biuro247 - establishment of companies

Companies with limited activity

It is one of the most popular forms of a capital company. it is one of the most convenient forms of determining the liability of shareholders and the chairman of the board. In the case of a limited liability company, the owners are not liable for its obligations and in some cases, the board may also release itself from financial liability.


Benefits resulting from the purchase of a ready-made company

tax benefits and the possibility of obtaining additional financing for the company. Such an entity may already have the licenses necessary to run a specific type of business. A commercial law company is also subject to a separate legal regime. The issue of tax settlements and the possibility of accounting for business negatives looks different.

Biuro247 - companies and taxes


Our company will advise you on the choice of legal form, the entity executing the transaction and other elements related to the legal and business environment. We work with companies and law firms across Poland to enable you to make the best choice. We have carried out many such transactions over time and we know what to pay attention to when buying or setting up a company.

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