Fax service

Fax service is very often offered by virtual offices. It usually involves receiving faxes at the indicated number and using a shared telephone number. There is also another more innovative method of fax handling using virtual internet fax.

Office247 - Fax handling

Virtual office and fax handling

Fax service with virtual internet fax works with the software. The server receives the call under the virtual telephone number and receives the scanned message. The prepared message is generated in the form of an image on the server and saved on the hard disk. The customer receives immediate access to such information and can download it via www.


Productivity and reliability

This is a more efficient solution than classical fax handling because it does not require a personal collection of mail on site. It also overlooks the need for the employee to handle the fax and the security and efficiency of the equipment handling incoming faxes. In the event of a server failure, its operation can be replaced by another server, so that the continuity of operation is maintained.

The benefits of having a virtual fax machine are particularly relevant for companies with highly regulated activities. The amount of documentation that is received from the office and the ability to provide your own fax number greatly facilitates communication with office employees.


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