FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – Maybe you are looking for a virtual office?
Whether you are looking for a virtual office or a comprehensive legal and economic service, we will help you make good decisions. Here you can find answers to the questions that are frequently asked to us.

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What is the virtual office and registration address?

The simplest answer is that this is a service. It consists in the possibility of running a business registered at a selected address which is made available by another company owning a real estate. This has important legal consequences because it means being subject to a specific tax office and court.


Legality of the Virtual Office?

The virtual office is considered legal on the basis of a court judgment Supreme Administrative Court – II FSK 3549/13. All offices and state administration questioning the legality of such a solution contest the above judgment. At the moment, we rarely encounter problems arising for our clients in contacts with the state administration.


How is the seat of the virtual office?

The site is nothing more than the city where the company address is registered. It is related to the provisions of the Commercial Companies Code and the regulations concerning the conduct of business activity.


For whom the Virtual Office service is designed?

For all. Anyone who has a business or needs access to a mailing address can use this service.


Why do we decide on a virtual office service?

  • low office maintenance costs,
  • office facilitations,
  • close to the most important courts,


How much does a virtual office cost?

The cost depends on the number of services. The cheapest virtual office can already be found for 55 PLN per month gross.


For how long is the contract signed?

Depending on the service provider, the contract can already be signed with one month’s notice period.


Is it possible to change the scope of the service in the course of its duration?
In most cases yes. This depends on the provider of this service and how it is structured.


Do I have to be present when signing the contract?

No. It is possible to conclude the contract completely remotely.


where to settle taxes for business registered under a virtual office?

Taxes are settled at the relevant tax office to which we are subject.


Is the office able to control the virtual office?

Yes. Control activities are carried out at the company’s place of business.


Can I enter the address of the virtual office during the establishment of a commercial law company in the simplified mode of S-24?

Yes. This address is the correct address for the registration of a commercial company.

Whether a virtual address can be an address during business registration via the Internet?

Yes. This is the correct address for registration through a portal provided by the state administration.


When can we conclude a virtual office service contract?

Practically immediately during contact with the consultant.


Whether a virtual office is rather a cost or savings?

Savings. The amount of time you have to spend on mail handling is not entirely proportional to the money spent on the virtual office.


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