Completion of documents to set up a business and to obtain co-financing from the EU


European funds are an excellent way to finance their business activities. They make it possible to obtain a non-refundable subsidy to set up a business or to develop it. The EU offers a wide variety of funds, varying both in terms of the profile of the companies to which they are offered and the conditions of financing.

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How to obtain EU funding

It is the second most important element, after the basic conditions, which has the greatest impact on positive award decisions.

Using our experience or that of our partners, you can prepare an application for a European fund. Counselors will help you choose the programme that is best for you and prepare the documentation. In many cases a well-prepared business plan is key to obtaining an EU grant. The number of applications submitted each year causes a lot of competition among those interested in obtaining funding.

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Criteria for assessing applications

Applications for EU funding are assessed in terms of formal and substantive Applications for EU funding are assessed in terms of formal and substantive. Formal reasons may decide to reject the application at the first stage of the analysis from the outset. By hiring a consulting company you will guarantee that the application you will prepare will meet the basic requirements. In the next stage, the application is analyzed in terms of content. Here it is important to have a solid business plan and to demonstrate knowledge and experience in the scope presented in the documentation.

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