E-archive or virtual workflow is a system improving the flow of documentation in your company. It allows for efficient management of documentation that arrives and leaves your company. Solutions of this type allow you to exercise full control over your company. Introducing documentation circulation not only improves its operation but also makes it more transparent for the management board.

Office247 - Document workflow

Who introduced this type of innovation?

E-archive was initially introduced by large American corporations that were looking for a way to reduce the costs associated with documentation and its processing. Initially, this concerned only sales documents such as orders and invoices, but they gradually began to transfer to other aspects of the company’s operation.

Office247 - Document Workflow

Documents flow

With the electronic document exchange system, you gain the ability to quickly exchange and supervise documentation. If your company has a lot of documents that are complex in the whole process and it is necessary to control the process. Control the process in a clear and transparent way, the introduction of such a solution is something of interest to you.

The vast majority of companies decide to introduce such a system only when the paper workflow becomes too large for them. We suggest to all our customers to implement this type of solution as soon as possible so that this type of action is as easy as possible in the future.

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