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Software Provider

We work with software vendors who can prepare a sales system for you. Both closed source and open source solutions. In the case of special needs, we can also contact you with the software house, which will undertake the preparation of a dedicated system for you.


Locked code systems

Code, open source and dedicated systems differ in terms of their advantages and the price you have to pay for such a solution.

Closed systems have a higher price but at the same time, it is very easy to find support for them from the software provider. In the case of such solutions provided by large companies, we usually have access to software that is regularly tested and supported by consultants in case of failure.


Open Source

In addition to the lower price, open source software also has the ability to obtain consultation and support from entities that are not software providers. If you want us to be flexible in terms of the company that supports your software and the ability to easily adapt it – open source is for you.


Dedicated software

The third type of software, i.e. the dedicated system is always adapted directly to its needs. However, it is necessary to prepare it, which entails costs and preparation period.

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