Credit insurance

Credit insurance is one of the ways to secure your company’s liquidity. It is a service that has long been offered on the Polish market by a large group of companies. Research shows that even in the case of large companies, unpaid invoices can constitute 25% of the company’s resources.

Biuro247 - Insurance

Business offer

The offer of receivables insurance is offered by many companies. Among the best known are Euler Hermes, PZU or KUKE. The offer is very diversified both in terms of the package of services and price. When choosing a service provider and its scope, it is necessary to recognize the situation in one’s own company and analyze payment flows.

Our consultants can help you choose the right company and packages based on their experience. A well-chosen package will save you money and locate the category of customers who are most at risk of payment bottlenecks. We will help you to identify the potentially riskiest group in this respect.


Insurance strategy

Receivables insurance can be chosen for receivables above a certain amount of liability in order to protect against the bankruptcy of a large counterparty or a large number of counterparties but with a low level of liabilities and short payment period. Each type of insurance differs in terms of the monthly fee or commission on the assets to be vindicated. The insurance can be combined with a debt collection service, which is beneficial for manufacturing companies. They do not lose financial liquidity and at the same time, they guarantee to reduce insurance costs through a commission on debt collection.



If debt insurance is not a service that is appropriate for you at the moment, it is worth considering renting a debt collection agency or factoring. Factoring is described elsewhere in our offer. Thanks to this, you can secure your liquidity with the help of a differently constructed service.

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