Coworking space

Coworking space is a service that allows more employees from different companies to share a common space in order to reduce the cost of the workplace and allow remote workers to work outside the home. Co-working offices are nowadays a very popular way of organizing work and allow for flexible time and space management. In a coworking office, you can usually meet freelancers such as programmers, architects, photographers or graphic designers.

Biuro247 - Coworking

New organizational paradigm

Coworking space is a great way to organize a company that is only just being set up and is not able to rent its own office because of the costs or the amount of space needed. Companies that are starting out often find it difficult to determine how many employees will have in the coming months and have access to an office that is flexible in terms of renting allows them to efficiently organize their work and control the costs of their activities.


Benefits of a shared location

Coworking is also an excellent place to establish business contacts for people from different industries who work in one place. Startups praise this environment very much because it allows them to flexibly organize the work of their employees. A shared location also means drawing on the knowledge and experience of others working in the same place.

Coworking has become one of the most popular ways of organizing work for people in the creative industry. The number of co-working offices is growing day by day in every city. Each of them competes with their offer and innovativeness of services.

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