Correspondence address

If you care about the network of offices and need to have multiple mailing addresses throughout the country, we will help you choose the cheapest offices in Poland. If you have special requirements in this respect, we will advise you which offices have an offer that meets your requirements.

Office247 - Correspondence address


Correspondence address may be the service appearing next to the registration address. It guarantees the possibility of using the address which is locally or nationally recognizable. Many contractors expect a company with which they do business to have an office in their province or city. Correspondence address also allows you to sort mail according to the province. If the correspondence address is combined with the rooms available in a given location, it enables meetings to be held in the same place, depending on the needs. Thanks to this, the company can operate in many places at the same time without the need to incur rental costs.

Service range

Correspondence address offer includes Postal boxes, mailbox collection, and other additional services depending on your needs. Received mail is scanned and sent to you at the selected frequency. For some companies, it is also possible to keep the mail scans online or in an archive. Each office is different and offers different services at different prices.

For some documents, there is an obligation to keep postal and accounting records for up to 10 years. Choosing the right company to provide such services is crucial in this respect. You are looking for a stable and dynamic partner who will keep your business running smoothly.


We have analyzed packages of services for you from all over Poland and we know exactly which one will suit you. The service may include receiving incoming mail, storing correspondence, sending correspondence to another address or sending scanned documents by e-mail. All this can be configured and adjusted to keep your fee as low as possible.

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