Cooperation is our second name! If you have a coworking or virtual office and are interested in attracting new customers, please contact us. We are very interested in creating the largest network of companies offering services for business.

Office247 - Cooperation

Much of our Internet traffic can be valuable to you in marketing and sales terms. We have Internet portals focused on advertising business services, which acquire Internet traffic in Poland and abroad.

In many cases, we are on the first pages of Google under the slogans such as “Virtual office Poznań”, “Virtual office cheaply” which allows us to constantly monitor traffic and customer demand for business services.

By becoming a collaborating company you get the opportunity to attract new customers for your services including the “virtual office”. You will generate passive revenues thanks to our position in the network.

We can also offer you a comprehensive sales offer and offer your products in the form of cross-selling. Our contacts and those of our partners will enable you to acquire new customers through marketing in our network.

In our marketing network, we have more than 1000 customers. A large number of them are looking for additional business services such as accounting, internet marketing, and other services.

Call us now if you are interested in promoting your business. The service is completely free and we charge you with a commission.

For more information please contact us! CONTACT