Conference rooms and conferences

Conferences are a great way to promote business and make new contacts. During such a meeting you will not only gain new business partners but also build a network of acquaintances that can turn into something new. Networking is a term derived from Anglo-Saxon culture, but it has become a permanent feature of our dictionary.

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Conference organization is complex and labor-intensive. Most depend on the location. A good location with a properly prepared infrastructure enables the efficient conduct of a conference or training for a large number of people. Adequate sound system and a large room guarantee that each participant will hear what the speaker is talking about.


Infrastructure and services

Conference room location is not everything. It’s good when there are a parking lot and a hotel near the conference room to facilitate relocation for people commuting from outside the city. If there is also a restaurant or canteen where you can order catering, the conference can easily be divided into panels and last several days. Guests will have the opportunity to relax between speeches and have a meal in the afternoon.

The satisfaction of your customers and conference participants can easily transform your marketing machine. Recommendations resulting from building a professional image on the web and articles on local web portals promote your brand passively. As an event organizer, you are treated as a subject specializing in a given field. You become the market leaders, not the entity that keeps up with the competition.

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Availability of rooms

We have a full list of conference and training rooms that can be found throughout Poland. We try to update it so as to give you the opportunity to choose from a full offer. You can find more in the conference rooms tab. 

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