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Many Poles set up businesses in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Malta or Cyprus because of the business opportunities that exist there. Some of the contractors expect the company to be based in a specific country. In the case of Malta and Cyprus, there are tax benefits especially for companies operating in the financial sector. The Czech Republic and Slovakia offer lower social security. Establishing a company in another country gives you the opportunity to gain an advantage over your competitors.

Office247 - Business Abroad

Our advisors will help you choose a location for your business to maximize your tax benefits and reduce your business costs. In the first period of the company’s operation, this means that it is possible to offer lower prices for products and services. This is a chance to grow rapidly and gain a large customer base at the outset.

We have a network of offices that work with us and allow us to perform all activities remotely. An establishment in another country can already be done within 24 hours. You don’t have to worry about the language, because everything will be done by our offices. At the same time, you can use the accounting service to optimize costs.

When considering setting up a business abroad, follow certain criteria:

    • Whether I am a sole trader or a commercial company,
    • what level of income I expect annually,
    • what are my business costs,
    • what level of profit will be taxable,

Company abroad is also another type of obligations that are imposed on the entrepreneur, and which may not be in Poland. Our advisors will answer your questions and help you choose the right country and legal form to suit your business. In some cases, the cost of running a business may be as much as 80% lower.

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