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Call center and customer service are activities aimed at improving communication between the company and its customers. Efficient call center means greater customer satisfaction and quick resolution of issues with which they report to us. The cost of building a telephone customer service department is usually very high due to the need to prepare workstations for them in a separate office. Equipping the office with the appropriate telephone infrastructure and organization of the whole undertaking based on the management staff and well-thought-out processes is a serious challenge. A well-organized call center is expensive to maintain and requires a high level of commitment.

A call center can be organized in less than one month. This allows us to test very quickly whether it will bring us any benefits. Outsourcing companies are able to launch a hotline in less than a week. Initial training of employees is about 2 weeks. The remaining period is market testing and collecting information on customer preferences. The suggested test period for the service is about 6 months. During this time it is possible to compare the behavior of customers in relation to the previous period. If we see an increase in sales or greater involvement of customers. It means that we have built loyalty to our brand.

Office247 - Call Center


Companies offering call center outsourcing have experience in the field of process building and are able to organize them in a very efficient way. They are the ones who recruit and train the staff and take care of the continuous operation of the telephone infrastructure.


If you are a company whose business is mainly focused on the Internet. But at the same time you want to have your own call center, this is a solution that can mean measurable financial and organizational benefits for you. Thanks to this you will build the image of a professional company that takes care of its customers while significantly reducing the amount of money that needs to be spent on it. In addition, a well-informed client about the company’s offer becomes its living business card, which builds sales through whispered marketing.

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