Address for the company

Address for the company is the official place of business. We take into account the city treated as the seat of business and the address which is treated as an address for delivery.

Many entrepreneurs choose to rent a registration address elsewhere for various reasons.

Advantages of having an address for the company:

    • Achieving a prestigious trustworthy location,
    • Separation of economic activity from the residence,
    • Official controls at a convenient location prepared for this,
    • Location-related access to government offices,
    • A possibility of obtaining favorable terms for the purchase of services and EU subsidies,


How to select an address for your company?

We advise our clients on the choice of registration address taking into account their business profile. We also take into account their experience and the size of their business. In Poland, there are many virtual offices and companies offering coworking services. Each of them has its own specificity and a different range of services in its offer.

Using our experience we will help you to choose the right address offered by your company so that, as your company grows, you do not need to change your address in order to obtain additional services. We will also advise you on this subject in terms of tax offices and courts to which your company will be subject, depending on which location you choose.

For you, an efficient tax administration means that it is easy to do business and settle tax with the treasury. This will translate into the success of your company. Many companies across Poland benefit from this solution because their local tax administration is slow or inflexible in terms of how you interact with it.


Stable address – the stability of your company!

Address stability builds up the trust of your customers and allows you to avoid the problems associated with errors that occur during the changes taking place in your company.

Invoices sent to another address, correspondence that has not been received, the need to change marketing materials result in costs and loss of valuable time.

All of this can translate into losses incurred by your company or expose you to the legal consequences of not receiving official letters. Make sure your business is stable and secure!

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